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No More Water, the Fire Next Time

This audio file was recorded on June 21, 2012. David Mears ’91, Commissioner of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation The flood disasters of 2011 tested Vermont’s ability to respond to natural disasters and heightened fears about future emergencies. Commissioner Mears will discuss Vermont’s response to Irene while reflecting upon what this type of catastrophe can […]

The Role of Litigation in Improving China’s Environmental Governance

This audio file was recorded on June 14, 2012. Jingwei Zhao, Yingke Law Firm A discussion of two environmental law cases in China; one is the first environmental public interest lawsuit involving government information, and the other is representation of 107 fishermen suing ConocoPhillips for compensation from the Bohai Bay oil spill accident.

Cleaning Up Environmental Marketing – Practical Steps to Avoid Greenwashing

This audio file was recorded on June 12, 2012. Brian Dunkiel ’96, Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel & Hand How do the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides, other government regulations, consumer fraud class actions, and voluntary marketing claim dispute resolution programs influence environmental marketing claims, and what should companies know in order to enhance consumer trust […]

Trade Agreements and State Governments: Continuing Threats to Sovereignty?

This audio file was recorded on June 7, 2012. Thomas Barnico, Boston College Law School NAFTA, GATT, and the more recent international trade agreements all subject state laws to new forms of litigation under legal standards not imposed by the United States Constitution. What threats do these agreements pose to sovereign regulatory and other interests […]

Sharks in Danger: Impacts of the Global Shark Fin Trade

This audio file was recorded on May 31, 2012. Michael Sutton, Monterey Bay Aquarium This talk will discuss the status of shark populations around the world, the role of the global trade in shark fins, and what California and other jurisdictions are doing to stem the killing and protect sharks worldwide.

Mediating Common Pool Resource Disputes: Using ADR to Avoid the Tragedy of the Commons

This audio file was recorded on June 5, 2012. Sean Nolon, Dispute Resolution Program When and how can mediators be used to avoid the tragic mismanagement of common resources? This talk draws lessons from the fields of economics, sociology, law, psychology, and dispute resolution to explore ways to improve resource management efforts with the help […]

City Planning and Climate Change

This audio file was recorded on June 8, 2010. Michael Coté, Urban Planning Researcher Teresa Clemmer, Vermont Law School What can and should city planners be doing to adapt to the inevitable threats and crises posed by climate change?

Nutrients Happen: A Story About Lawyers, Algae, and Money

This audio file was recorded on June 4, 2010 David Mears, Vermont Law School A recent Vermont Supreme Court case involved Montpelier’s wastewater treatment plant. Where does Montpelier’s wastewater go and why does that matter for Lake Champlain?

Where Wild Things Aren’t: The Supreme Court in Review

This audio file was recorded on June 23, 2009 Pat Parenteau, Vermont Law School Is the Navy’s sonar program more important than whale conservation? Is it okay to destroy a pristine Alaskan lake by filling it with mine waste?

Are Conservation Easements Forever?

This audio file was recorded on June 18, 2009. Jessica Jay ’97, Conservation Law, P.C. This lecture will explore the perpetual nature and durability of conservation easements and address the surrounding legal principles.