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Monthly Archives: June 2007

From Traffic Directing to Plain Meaning: U.S. v. Atlantic Research — Answers for the Supreme Court to Restore Voluntary Cleanup

Hot Topics Lecture by Professor Martha Judy, recorded June 14, 2007 The Supreme Court sent polluters who voluntarily clean up contaminated sites into a tailspin in 2004. Learn how the Court may restore voluntary cleanup now that the issue is back in U.S. v. Atlantic Research. Advertisements

From Research to Policy: An Example from South America – Rosalind Renfrew

Ornithologist Rosalind Renfrew explains how research on the wintering grounds of the bobolink, a South American bird that breeds in North America, is prompting collaborative efforts to ban a pesticide. She will present an ornithologist’s view of this spawning endeavor to use scientific findinsg on a “canary in a coal mine” to achieve conservation through […]

Ecosystem-based Management in the Pacific Northwest: Lessons and Tools – Jerry Magee

6/7/07- Broad-scale cumulative effects have led to regional efforts to gain broader understanding of ecosystem processes and interrelationships upon which to base land use management strategies. A systematic step-down assessment process can provide needed context for priority setting and decision making at each level, ensuring more efficient on-the-ground management investments.

The Fate of City Salmon – Warren Cornwall

6/5/2007 – In Puget Sound, Chinook salmon are both an icon and a major problem. An icon, because they historically were a vital part of native cultures, and today because they symbolize values of wildness. A problem, because their habitat intertwines so closely with a vast urban and suburban landscape, and they are protected under […]